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Irish Online Casinos Gambling Tips: Get some free tips to use while playing Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Slots and more online Casino Games.

Playing is fun, sure. Online casinos certainly do cater to fun and games. But don’t you want to win? Play poker and beat your partners? Call out blackjack in the face of the dealer? Have the roulette wheel stop just at the number and color you bet on? Here are some tips that will help you get closer to that goal – winning.

Poker Tips

The poker face – we all heard about the poker face – is not entirely forgotten when playing online. Even when playing online poker there is room to pull a poker face at times. Only here, instead of an effect the player makes with a facial expression, it is how you play and decisions you make that serve as your “poker face.” Always exercise patience when gambling online. Don’t be aggressive with a strong hand, or everybody will know when you are not that you probably have a weak hand.

Blackjack Tips

Hitting, standing, splitting hands and more – blackjack is a game of strategy indeed. But most important and truly first is what a player should do with a “soft” hand. A soft hand is one that includes an Ace. An Ace can go either way, as a 1 or 11. Hence a hand with an Ace and a 7 can count as 8 or 18. It’s your choice. Hit on soft 17. As for a soft 18, it depends on the casino dealer’s showing card. If the dealer has 9 or higher (10, J, Q, K, or Ace) then you should hit; otherwise stand.

Roulette Tips

Don’t bet against yourself. This happens quite a lot, as players spread their bets on the table. But if you bet on 14, then don’t go and bet on odd numbers. Secondary bets should not contradict your first bet.

Slots Tips

Progressive slots usually award the jackpot to players betting the maximum amount. There is value in checking this out, even if it requires contacting the customer service, as it will be a shame to hit the winning combination but miss out on the prize.

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