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Blackjack is a classic casino game that has been popular since the 1600s, having emerged in Europe before travelling over to America.

The origins of blackjack can be traced back to Europe during the 1600s, with the game emanating from France and Spain. Initially known as 21, blackjack was born in the US when gambling houses began to offer bonus payouts for the ace of spades plus a black jack from either spades or clubs.

Closest to 21

The challenge of blackjack is to finish as the closest player 21 through combining the value of up to five cards. Of course, the ideal scenario is to draw an ace and a face card on your first two cards. These two cards will combine to give you 21, which will usually help you to defeat the dealer. Go above 21 and your hand will be declared bust, which means a loss to the dealer.

Key Gaming Terms

During the course of blackjack games, these are the key terms:

• Bust – Hand is greater than 21
• Double down – Double your initial stake and get one more card
• Hit – Request another card
• Push – Draw between player and dealer
• Split – Divide a pair to create separate hands
• Stand – You want no further cards

Basic Strategy

You have to bear in mind that the key to winning in blackjack is to merely beat the dealer. And you won’t be able to win if you’re bust, so don’t take wild risks with hands of 17 or higher. You could very well win with just a little patience.

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