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Craps proved to be popular among Louisiana landowners of the 1700s. The game has lived on to the present and is still a hit in casinos.

Although it is said to date back to the Crusades, craps was not experienced in its current guise until a French playboy known as Bernard de Marigny introduced it to the wealthy landowners of Louisiana.

Craps Playing Guide

The first choice to be made in a game of craps is whether you wish to bet on the pass line or don’t pass line. To simplify those terms, they are also known as win and don’t win. One of the players, who is known as the shooter has to role two dice on the table.

A roll of 2, 3, or 12 by the shooter will be craps and players who bet on the pass line loses their stake. But if the roll has between 7 or 11, know as a natural, then the pass line bets would have won.

If the shooter rolls outside of those numbers, then this creates the point value. The challenge is to roll the point value again before a seven occurs.

Betting Guide

Maximise your position against the house advantage by sticking to bets with the lowest possible house edge. This means sticking to pass/don’t pass along with come/don’t come bets. Don’t give the house a bigger edge than it already has.

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