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Roulette has been staple of US and European casinos since the 1800s. Get the lowdown in this bite-size guide.

Roulette was first played in its main form in Paris during the late 1790s. However, it wasn’t until decades later when the game began to spread throughout Europe and eventually to the US, where the game was popular on riverboat casinos in and around the state of Louisiana.

Core Game Variants

European roulette is the classical version and is played with 37 notches on the wheel, denoting a number progression of zero to 36. American roulette features a similar wheel, but with a double zero added to give 38 notches. Consequently, this version gives a greater edge to the house.

Key Betting Terms

During a game of roulette, you are required to make wagers by positioning chips on a green table marked in a grid format. The various positions on the board signify the varying odds you can get for betting on each outcome. These are the most common bets:

• Straight up (35/1) – A single number
• Split (17/1) – Two numbers
• Street (11/1) – Three horizontal numbers
• Corners (8/1) – A square of four numbers
• Basket (6/1) – Cover 00 to 3
• Line (5/1) – Six numbers over two rows

Basic Strategy

Avoid betting on straight up numbers and you can win more frequently on the outcomes with lower odds. Betting on single numbers is potentially lucrative but can eat in to your bankroll.

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